Bakery Air: Yankee Candle

bakery-air.jpgBakery Air is a newer Yankee Candle scent that is an online exclusive. It seemed like every time I made an online order, the tarts would be sold out. Well I finally got to try it and I’m glad I did!

The Scent: Bakery Air smells like sugary crystals, toasted pecans, a hint of melted butter, and just a touch of spice. To me, it smells like a mix of Sugared Apple and a fresh pecan pie. This is a great scent that created a warm, ‘something’s in the oven’ ambiance in my house. A-

The Throw: The throw was really wonderful. I’d say a solid performing medium with hints of a medium-strong. It completely filled my living room and was constantly smellable, but didn’t become overwhelming. It truly made it seem like I had a sugar-coated pecan pie baking in the oven! A-

Overall, I was a huge fan of Bakery Air. Both the scent and throw were wonderful… and reminded me of visiting a bakery to get a holiday treat!

-Kari Ann


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