Orange Cinnamon: Village Candle

orange cinnamonMy mother gave me this large jar of Orange Cinnamon from Village Candle as a hostess gift for Thanksgiving. It’s no secret that Village Candle’s design looks awfully similar to Yankee Candle… well the old design at least. They are also sold at a slightly more affordable price. Village Candle’s large jars also have 2 wicks, which in my limited sample size has shown to deter tunneling.

Anyways, this jar of Orange Cinnamon has been a delight. To me, good Christmas scents should evoke memories – and this one did (story below!).

The Scent: It smells like spiced citrus pure and simple and perfect! The most dominant notes are freshly squeezed oranges and heavy dashes of cinnamon and clove. Story time!: When I was in elementary school, the last day before winter break would be a ‘Holidays Around the World” event. Throughout the day, we’d move to different classrooms, where each classroom would be a different country. In each ‘country,’ you would get to try one traditional food and make a holiday craft appropriate for that country (which would be great gifts for out family). One that I remember was France, where we would make pomanders, or a hanging orange with cloves stuck into it. It smelled amazing, like fresh orange zest and mandarin juice with the spiciness of clove. This scent reminded me of those clove-dotted-oranges from my childhood! A+

The Throw: Okay, the throw on this jar is wonderful! A solid medium-strong that completely fills my living room each time. It was the type of throw that complemented Thanksgiving dinner instead of over-powering it. The wax pool is also gorgeous. A

Overall, I am loving Orange Cinnamon. This scent brought back a childhood memory, so this scent combination resonated particularly strong with me. I also am really happy with this Village Candle and plan to try out some more scents!

-Kari Ann




    • I am not sure their UK availability. I think they are only sold in US stores. Village Candle doesn’t have their own stores, they are carried in some grocery stores, etc. But they definitely seem to gaining steam, so hopefully they’ll expand overseas!

      • I’ve got quite a few Village candles. They are available in my local YC shop and the Garden Centre. The Yc shop sells lots of other brands…Goose Creek…Colonial and others.I will ask the lovely lady in the YC shop about this scent.

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