Home for the Holidays: Yankee Candle

home for the holidaysI’ve been wrapping presents and baking cookies in preparation for Christmas. I can’t believe it’s only a week away! To get in the mood, I melted a tart of Yankee Candle’s Home for the Holidays.

The Scent: Cinnamon is the top note, followed by a sweet berry, and then topped with just a hint of pine. It is definitely more of a food and spice based scent, but it certainly has all the notes that you attribute to the holidays. It just doesn’t read as special to me… but that could just be me! Overall, it is a pleasant scent that would be perfect for a holiday party. B

The Throw: The throw was okay, maybe even a bit disappointing. I’d say a light-medium. You occasionally could catch sniffs of the cinnamon and berry, but it quickly faded into the background. It did create a Christmas-like atmosphere, but I really wanted it to be a notch or two stronger. I guess it would be good for a party since it didn’t overwhelm or over-power anything, but was smell-able for quite a few hours. C+

Overall, Home for the Holidays is just okay to me. The scent doesn’t evoke any childhood memories, so I guess I just don’t have a connection to it. It is a nice scent, but the throw certainly left me wanting something a bit stronger.

-Kari Ann



  1. I just melted this last evening and overnight, too. It is a scent that i want to like a LOT more than i do but hey-ho. At least they didn’t crop-out the Teddy Bear on the new (small-as-Hell) label . What they did crop-out was throw- it was underwhelming and weak. I swear they’ve reduced the oils in Tarts since the melt cups were introduced a few years back… again, hey-ho… Merry Christmas! 🙂

    • I’ve wondered why the even keep the photos! Too tiny! I’ve found throws tobe weaken, and less consistent… almost like different batches of tarts have different oil amounts. Oh well…
      Merry Christmas! 🙂

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