Cozy Cider Sipping: Glade

cozy cider sippingBefore I have guests over for the holidays, I like to use a room spray in a holiday scent to freshen up my house and set a holiday mood. This year, I grabbed Glade’s Cozy Cider Sipping.

This scent is Glade’s ‘Limited Edition’ cinnamon apple based scent for 2017. To be honest, it’s nothing special. It’s just your basic air freshener spiced apple scent. It also has that slightly artificial feel that I usually attribute to these types of sprays. It gets the job done!

The can is cute enough – I like the shiny red, so I won’t mind leaving the spray can out in case I need to refresh an area, such as my cat’s litter box.

Anyways…. air freshener’s from Glade continue to be satisfyingenough, but nothing special. Happy Holidays!

-Kari Ann


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