Christmas Eve: Yankee Candle

Christmas EveI hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! One of the scents I melted just before the festivities began was Christmas Eve, one of Yankee Candle’s classic holiday scents.

The Scent: Christmas Eve is a sweet scent reminiscent of sugared plums. I have to be honest, this scent has no nostalgia factor for me and does not remind me of Christmas. But it is a nice, candied plum scent that is sweet, warm, an fruity. B

The Throw: The throw on this tart was just okay. I’d say a light-medium. It did filled up my living room, but the scent faded into the background pretty quickly. After about 30 minutes, I got used to the scent and forgot it was even melting. It’s not terrible, but was sort of forgettable as far as throws go. C

Overall, Christmas Eve is just not my type of holiday scent. It’s too sweet and sugared plums are not what I associate with Christmas. It’s a decent scent if you liked sugary fruit scents though!

-Kari Ann


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