Wallflower: Winter Candy Apple

winter candy appleWinter Candy Apple has been one of my favorite holiday scents from Bath & Body Works since I was a teenager. It is sweet, fruity, and unmistakable. I love it as a body spray – so of course I’d love it as a Wallflower!

The Scent: A sugared red apple. Winter Candy Apple is one of the original candied apple scents. It has a hint of fresh apple and citrus peel that makes it autumnal and not summer-on-the-boardwalk. Overall, this is a wonderful sweet and fruity scent! A

The (Bulb) Throw: The throw on this bulb has been great! I’d say a solid medium that completely fills up my bedroom, but is not over-bearing or disruptive of sleep. It’s just a great throw to fill my room with scent! A

Overall, I am still a big fan of Winter Candy Apple, even as an adult! And I like it even more as a home scent!

-Kari Ann


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