Apple Spice: Yankee Candle

apple spice1If you live on the US East Coast, it is freezing right now! An arctic air mass is over a large part of the US, making it a blustery 20 degrees Fahrenheit near me! To help feel cozy, I decided to melt Apple Spice from Yankee Candle.

The Scent: The name says it all: spiced apple! It smells like a cinnamon sugar coated baked apple with just a hint of a flaky donut. The apple is warm and the spices add a nice autumnal sweetness! It is very nice ad cozy! A-

The Throw: Okay, so the throw on this one was a solid medium that completely filled my living room and was consistently smellable. However, the throw only lasted about 2 hours before it seemed to completely disappear. So it was a great, but short-lived, throw. B

Overall, I really like Apple Spice. It created a nice and cozy feeling in my home during this cold spell. My only complaint is that the throw is short-lived!

-Kari Ann


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