December Report Card

2017 has come and gone… so how did the last month of the previous year match up? Turns out it was a great month! I had a hard time picking my top two!

December 2017

Best Scents

  1. Caramel Applewood – Goose Creek (A-/A)
  2. Orange Cinnamon – Village Candle (A+/A)

Worst Scents

  1. Spicy Pepperberry & Spruce – Yankee Candle (D/B+)
  2. Guava Coconut Fusion– Yankee Candle (B-/C+)


  1. Oh no, I enjoyed Spicy Pepperberry and spruce. I like those crackling wood types, it also reminded me of a scratch n sniff sticker I had as a child, bonus! I’m digging the sound of Applewood though.
    Happy New Year, Kari!

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