Vanilla: Luminessence

vanilllaYou can find Luminessence small jars at Dollar Tree for, well, $1. I got this small jar in the scent Vanilla for Christmas as a cute stocking stuffer. I am somewhat familiar with this brand since I have many family members who have one of these affordable candles on hand to help create a pleasant scent and ambiance during a get-together.

In particular, these small jars are nice for bathrooms since they are an enclosed jar. (I will note that I am not a big fan of lighting a candle that is not constantly in your sights). Anyways, how was Vanilla?

The Scent: Vanilla. Pure and simple. It does have the ‘generic’ vanilla scent, which reminds me of a vanilla ice cream. Simple, pure, perhaps nothing really new or exciting, but will give you a vanilla scent as the name implies. I am enjoying it! B

The Throw: The throw is on the light side, where you do occasionally catch wafts of the scent, or can smell it better if you are right next the the candle. This is a candle best for a small room, such as a bathroom. I had a family member have one lit in a bathroom during Christmas, and you could definitely smell the vanilla in that small sized area. So it’s nothing crazy amazing, but way beyond my expectations for the price! C-

Overall, I am happy with this candle (I did get it as a stocking gift, so this review may be extra nice!). I could smell the vanilla in small pulses, and it had that nice vanilla ice cream scent typical with vanilla fragrance. For a $1, it may be worth having on hand in storm situations like I am currently in! Stay warm and dry all of you in the snow storm!

-Kari Ann



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