Sweet Banana Bread: Goose Creek

sweet banana breadI was really excited to try Sweet Banana Bread from Goose Creek. I love banana bread, and am always sad that there never seems to be any good candle representations of this treat!

The Scent: It’s just okay. When melted, banana is the most dominant note. It is an artificial banana scent that reminds me of Runts candies. It is almost too strong and gave me a borderline headache. The bread note is only slightly there, and the sweet glaze just adds an almost too-sweet note to the candy-like banana. Overall, it is not bad, and does smell like a banana baked good…. it’s just not a true representation. C+

The Throw: The throw is really good. I’d say a solid medium to even pulses of medium-strong. This scent filled up my living room and was ever present for many hours. B+

Overall, Sweet Banana Bread was disappointing to me. The banana note was just too fake and it lacked that “I’m baking fresh banana bread” scent that I was hoping for.

-Kari Ann


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