Lemon Drop Cookie: Yankee Candle

lemon cookie dropI have to admit that I have been ‘unexcited’ about Yankee Candle’s new scents and collections the last few years. But that changed last year when Yankee Candle released their Cookie Swap line for the holidays. The scents were exciting, unique, and full of holiday cheer.

This year, Yankee Candle release a handful of new Cookie Swap scents. One in particular caught me eye: Lemon Cookie Drop. Lemon combined with cookies… now that is my type of scent! I splurged and treated myself to a small tumbler during Christmas shopping.

Unfortunately, I am disappointed….where is the lemon?

The Scent: Seriously, where is the lemon? Lemon Cookie Drop has a bakery, buttery, slightly vanilla-like scent to it. It reminds me a touch of Danish Butter Cookie from the World Journey line, just a touch less butter and a dash more of an artificial vanilla scent. I just cannot detect any lemon at all, which is very disappointing. C+

The  Throw: The throw is a solid medium. It is filling up my living room with consistently detectable scent. Every once and a while, my nose will get used to it and I’ll forget it’s lit. Then bam! I get a whiff of the cookie scent. No complaints here. A-

Overall, Lemon Cookie Drop smells just like a typical ‘baked cookie’ scent to me, which is disappointing. The lemon note is missing… and was the factor that excited me the most!

And before you ask – the cold sniff is great. It smells like a lemon shortbread cookie. I had just high hopes, but once lit, the lemon disappears…

-Kari Ann



  1. Were you able to get their Lemon & Sugar candle from the now discontinued Girl Scout Cookie line? Smells just like the cookie when burning (delicious!). 🙂

    • I wasn’t! When I finally got around to trying that line, everything was sold out except for a few scents (I think the peanut butter and thin mint scents). Darn, looks like that was the scent I’d want!

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