Cinnamon Stick: Yankee Candle

cin stickI’ve never tried Cinnamon Stick by Yankee Candle. It’s one I always pass over because it just seemed too simple and common. I always gravitated towards the Sparkling or Sugared Cinnamon scents.

Well I finally tried plain old Cinnamon Stick and I am in love!

The Scent: Cinnamon… actual cinnamon. It smelled spicy, like that unmistakable cinnamon scent without any sweetness. It reminded me of Red Hots candies you see at Valentine’s Day. It was just a wonderful cinnamon spice. A

The Throw: The throw was spectacular, definitely in the strong category. It filled up many entire living room with a dominant scent for many, many hours. And the scent lingered a while even after I turned off my tart warmer. This was a scent that you will smell the entire time it’s melting. A

Overall, I loved Cinnamon Stick. It may be simple, but that is what makes it work. It smelled like cinnamon spice before you mix it with anything (i.e. sugar), which is a welcomed rarity in the candle world. This will also be an awesome based for mixology!

-Kari Ann



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