New Tart Warmer

warm1The bulb in my tart warmed finally blew out. While I will totally be replacing the bulb, I decided it was due time to get myself another electric tart warmer.

So I went to Target and found this Chesapeake Candle tart warmer that I just loved. Turquoise is my favorite color and totally goes with my living room color scheme of coastal cream, brown, and (obviously) different shades of turquoise.

warm2It was a touch pricey (~$16), but I had a gift card from Christmas and knew this was something I would get a lot of use, and joy, from.

I really like it both on and off! There is a disclaimer that “it should only be used with Chesapeake Candle Company wax melts,” but I’ve already melted a Yankee Candle tart in it without any problem. Overall, I’m happy! My old tart warmer was a gingerbread house that I used year-round. So now I’ll just take that one out for Christmas and this will be my non-holiday warmer.

-Kari Ann


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