Cranberry Chutney: Yankee Candle

chutneyCranberry Chutney is another fall/winter staple scent at Yankee Candle that I’ve never tried. So let’s see what all the buzz is about! This one is usually a much-talked-about Yankee Candle scent.

The Scent: A sweet raspberry and cranberry scent. It smells like raspberries with a heavy dose of sugar. It almost smells more like a jam than a chutney. This scent very much needs more tartness and a hint more citrus to make it feel more like Thanksgiving and less like a summer picnic. It’s not a bad scent, but was not what I was expecting! For a chutney/fall scent, it’s a bit too sweet and ‘raspberry medicine flavored’ for me. But if it was raspberry jam… then I’d be what I was expecting. B

The Throw: The throw is delightful. I’d say a medium-strong. It completely and dominantly filled my living room for many hours with consistently detectable scent. This one was a winner in the throw department. A

Overall, Cranberry Chutney did not remind me of a cranberry chutney. I’m from Massachusetts – I know what cranberries smell like! This is just too sweet and should be named ‘raspberry jam.”

-Kari Ann


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