Fresh Mint: Yankee Candle

fresh mintFresh Mint is a Yankee Candle scent that I have never tried, but always enjoyed smelling in the store. So I finally decided to try it!

The Scent: It smells like fresh mint… the real stuff! Fresh Mint smells like wild grown mint in a garden. It has that cool mint scent mixed with a hint of a green vegetation scent. It does have a hint of that soapy note that a lot of herbal candle scents get, but the mint and green leaf notes are definitely dominant. Overall, it smells like a fresh picked mint leaf! B+

The Throw: The throw is a solid medium, which is good because I think anything stronger would have been over-bearing. The throw completely filled up my living room for many hours. B+

Overall, I enjoyed Fresh Mint. The scent was just a hair away from being too soapy and too strong – but the end result was a pleasant, fresh garden mint experience.

-Kari Ann


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