Honey Lavender Gelato: Yankee Candle

honey lavendar gelatoHoney Lavender Gelato was one of last year’s new scents at Yankee Candle that I just haven’t gotten around to trying. I grabbed a tart at the semi-annual sale to finally give it a try!

The Scent: I’m just not a big lavender fan; it always reminds me of potpourri that you’d put into the bathroom. But, this scent was pleasant, and I didn’t hate it. The honey notes added a sweetness to the floral and herbal lavender that made it unique and stand out. Overall, I found it a nice relaxing scent, but nothing I’d run out to buy again. B

The Throw: The throw was a medium that filled up my living room for many hours. It was consistently detectable and not over-bearing. No complaints here really otherthan it could be a touch stronger. B

Overall, Honey Lavender Gelato was an okay scent that added a new spin to the classic herbal scent. If your a fan of herbal, floral, or lavender…. I’d suggest you give it a try.

Note: The jar candle reviews definitely paint this one as having a poor throw! (Thanks to the folks who commented about this!)

-Kari Ann



  1. The jar candle has a very light throw. Loved the scent though. I guess candle reviews are definitely different vs tarts reviews.

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