Autumn in the Park: Yankee Candle

autumn in the parkI grabbed a tart of Autumn in the Park during Yankee Candle’s semi-annual sale. I tried this tart back when it first came out in 2015 and loved the scent, but was disappointed by the throw. So how did it hold up nearly 3 years later?

The Scent: A fall mix of apples and autumn leaves. The apple notes are by far the strongest and remind me of Macintosh. It added a sweetness to the fresh and crunchy aroma of dried, fallen leaves. Overall – this is a delightful scent. B+

The Throw: The throw was a light-medium. While it was detectable at times, it could have greatly benefited from being stronger. This was the type of scent that my nose got used to and ended up fading into the background. C+

Overall, I did enjoy Autumn in the Park – it made me nostalgic already for those wonderful chilly October evenings with a pumpkin spice latte.

-Kari Ann


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