Margarita Time: Yankee Candle

margarita timeMargarita Time by Yankee Candle is one of my go-to feel-good scents. This past week, I got the flu while in Oregon for work AND my cat needed a surgery (it went well!). I was probably more devastated than I should have been when I learned that Yankee Candle was retiring this Margarita Time. Boo! So I grabbed an $8 medium jar at this past Semi-Annual Sale.

The Scent: A tropical fruit getaway. Creamy lime is balanced with just a dash of salt and a touch of other citrus scents. This one smells like a blended and frozen lime margarita. It’s perfect! A

The Throw: The throw on this one is a solid performing medium to medium-strong that completely fills up my living room with a scent that is constantly detectable. I can even get sniffs of it when it’s not lit. A-

Overall, Margarita Time is one of my recent Yankee Candle era favorites. If you happen to spot this scent still in stores or at an outlet, I’d suggest you give it a try!

-Kari Ann



  1. Is it me or has YC retired Margarita Time at least twice already? I know they did when I worked there and half the employees went crazy buying it in any form (to resell someday? Not sure) I got it in the car jars and one medium jar, which is my favorite form, I rarely melt it in the tarts.
    Happy your cat’s surgery went well, our pup always seems to have some major health issue this time of year, it’s nerve-wracking, crossing fingers and paws for a quick recovery:)

    • Thanks! Hope your pup does’t get any health issues. It’s scary! But she’s doing well now, and hopefully will continue to feel better!
      I also noticed the MT resurgence. When it retired 2(?) years ago, I know Jenna and I grabbed a bunch of tarts…but I feel like I can still get it. I wonder if Citrus and Sea Salt is its replacement!

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