Early Spring Bloom: Yankee Candle

early spring bloomFor those of you who don’t know, in my non-candle blogging time, I am a research scientist. One of my current projects is looking at native plant phenology – that’s the timing of life cycle events such as the first bloom. Since spring is just around the corner, I’ve been preparing my cameras and monitoring protocols, ready for those first spring buds to burst.

Early Spring Bloom is getting me prepared for the magical, colorful peak bloom of early spring. This new 2018 spring scent from Yankee Candle is their mandatory floral scent for the new collection. I am not a floral scent fan by a long shot, but I found myself pleasantly tolerating this one.

The Scent: Fresh and floral, not perfume-like. It smells like a blanket of sweet spring blooms (cue the name). It reminds me a bit of jasmine… the description says poppy – I’m not getting that. To me, it really is all about the sweet and floral scent of a spring bouquet. Not my type of scent, but pleasant nonetheless. B

The Throw: Okay… so the throw started out strong. I was excited and ready to deem it as being maybe too strong. BUT, after about 45 minutes that scent faded into a light throw with barely any detectable scent. (and it was not just because my nose got used to it.). So I am torn how to grade this one – but I think have to deem it as having a sub-par throw with peaks of hope. C-

Overall, Early Spring Bloom is a floral scent I surprisingly like, but the throw was just wildly inconsistent and ultimately too light.

-Kari Ann



  1. “mandatory floral scent”, LOL!! There’s one every year, i guess! It seems like anymore that for the most part Tarts start out pretty strong for an hour or two then fade-away. Frustrating as i love Tarts- it’s pretty much what got me to branch out to the jar candles years ago (i have quite a collection, now). I still buy them but between their scent not lasting as long as they used to, IMO, and the horrible new microscopic photos on them, i am much less enthusiastic about them these days… 😦

    • I agree with exactly that “much less enthusiastic!” It’s too bad, I used to get so excited for the new seasonal scents. I like tarts just so I can switch up scents a lot, but hate that the throw betters tarts and jars are so wildly different between the same scents 😦

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