Wallflowers: Sunshine & Lemons

sunshine and lemonsOkay, so while my cat was sick, I removed all my Wallflowers, just in case the scents were upsetting her rhythm. She had a tumor removed and then got pancreatitis while recovering. My poor baby!

Anyways, now that she is better… and she’s already lived with my Wallflowers for 16 years…. I decided to finally plug them back in! Up first for my cat’s litter box – Sunshine & Lemons.

The Scent: Sugary lemons! This is a sweet, candy-like lemon scent. It is not tart… just pure sugared lemon-drop candy wedges. It smells like summer by the pool with a sweetened lemonade. A

The (bulb) Throw: Unfortunately, this bulb is a bit on the weaker side for the throw. It does fill up my laundry room with a light-medium scent, which is where my cat’s litter box is located, but that is as far as it throws. I wish this one were at least a notch stronger. C

Overall, I love the scent Sunshine & Lemons from Bath & Body Works Wallflowers. I just wish I could smell this sugary scent a bit stronger and in a slightly large scent radius.

-Kari Ann


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