Wallflower: Fresh Balsam

fresh basalmMy Wallflower for my bedroom and hallway area this month is Fresh Balsam. Yes, this is a Christmas and winter scent… but I just love the smell of fresh pine!

The Scent: A fresh balsam tree! It smells like sweet and snowy pine needles with just a touch of wood. I smells like a walk through a Christmas tree farm! A

The (bulb) Throw: One week in, and the throw has been wonderful! The bulb completely fills up my bedroom and hallway. It adds that ‘fresh’ note without being overbearing. It’s just perfect! A+

Overall, Fresh Balsam is one of my favorite Wallflowers I’ve ever tried…. in my life. The scent is fresh, sweet, and earthy all the while the throw is spot on!

Also – this is my new owl plug-in unit I got at the winter Semi-Annual Sale. I’m really into owls right now!

-Kari Ann



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