Vanilla Bourbon: Yankee Candle

vanilla-bour.jpgI got this pillar-style Yankee Candle in the scent Vanilla Bourbon as a promotion with an online purchase a few months ago. This is my first time trying one of these pillar-jar candles – I actually really like the shape! Because it is narrower, I’ve been getting a really nice wax pool and even burn. However, I have noticed that I need to trim the wick pretty frequently to prevent that black soot from forming. I’d buy this shape again – but I’m hoping that soot is bad luck.

The Scent: Vanilla Bourbon smells like dark caramel to me. The scent is reminiscent of melted sugared that is carefully caramelized to a deep dark brown gooey mess. Caramel is definitely the dominant note. There are perhaps glimpses of vanilla, but I wish it were a bit more present. The bourbon notes I’m guessing are that caramel, but I would have also loved a slight boozy note. So, this is more of a ‘chewy caramel’ scent to me that vanilla and bourbon. It’s nice – but more vanilla and that sweet-sharp scent of bourbon would have just set this over the edge! B

The Throw: The throw on this well-burning pillar has been great. I’d place it at a medium with moments of medium-strong. It’s been completely filling up my living room with the sweet scent caramel. My biggest complaint is just the soot it starting making after being lit for just a few hours. B+

Overall, I like Vanilla Bourbon and I do like this pillar-style candle. I also enjoy that mixology will be stellar with this scent! The possibilities are endless!

-Kari Ann


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