A Calm & Quiet Place: Yankee Candle

a-calm-quiet-place.jpgA Calm & Quiet Place is one of Yankee Candle’s new spring 2018 scents. This scent was sold out (as a tart) when I made my spring order a few weeks ago – but it’s back in stock and I took advantage of the $1 tart sale!

The Scent: This one will be hard to describe – so first I’ll give my non-specific scent description. It’s a warm and inviting scent that felt like home. This blend had floral and woody notes, with hints of an herbal, patchouli-like scent, and just a dash of musk to make it warm. The blend together created a really relaxing experience. It’s a scent on paper I thought I’d hate, but loved in person. B+

The Throw: The throw of this tart was decent. I’d say it was a medium with maybe periods of a light-medium when my nose got used to it. It was always smellable and did fill up most of my living room. It probably wouldn’t be a good scent for a large room. I liked this throw strength since it created a warm environment; I think this scent would have been over-bearing it it were any stronger. But I just note to those of you who love really powerful scents- you may be wishing for something a notch stronger. B

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked A Calm & Quiet Place. It was warm and relaxing…and I’d be happy if this was the scent people associated with my home.

-Kari Ann



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