Peeps: Yankee Candle

peepsYankee Candle came out with Peeps scented candles a few years ago for Easter. It’s a clever partnership, as what is more Easter-like than those sugared-coated marshmallow treats? Fair warning – I am not a fan of Peeps.

The Scent: This scent was just not for me. It is a very sweet and sugary scent, with just a hint of a generic fruit flavor. It basically smells like a sugary marshmallow dipped in sugar… aka… a Peep. It was just too sweet and that hint of fruit flavoring turned me off. C-

The Throw: Peeps had a light throw. It was only slightly detectable, and my nose got used to it pretty quickly. The scent radius was also small, so the scent barely reached me 10 feet away. It definitely needs to be stronger for me to give it a thumbs up. D

Overall, Peeps is just not my type of scent – too artificial and sweet. Add in a light throw and I’ll pass on trying this one again!

-Kari Ann


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