Outlet Trip!

I stopped by my local Yankee Candle outlet the other day and saw a few notable scents to report on. I didn’t find anything that blew my mind, but there were a bunch of wedding-themed scents. (Where were these when I got married!?)

Black Bow Tie – This one was masculine. It smelled like a nice men’s cologne. Tying the Knot – I loved this bubbly champagne scent!
Black Silk Tie – Okay, so this scent was different than Black Bow Tie… I just can’t remember what the differences were. Both were masculine and cologne based.
Sparkling Extra Dry – This one was okay. It had an oak note that made it unique. Sparkling Currant – My favorite of the wine scents – a dark berry!
I swear Champagne Bubbles and Celebrate smelled differently – but both had that nice sweet, grape & bubbly scent! Tying the Knot (above) was my favorite of the three.
Sparkling Pink – Yuck! I am not sure why, but I hated this scent!
Wedding Cake – This was a buttercream and cake scent, as you might imagine!
Salty Sea – If you like ‘salt air’ scents, you’d like this ocean-based scent. I loved the label!
Enchanted Garden is an older scent. It is the scent Evening Air with a cute lawn gnome label. This is an earthy, airy, and masculine scent that I’ve always liked better than Midsummer’s Night!
I loved this label on Tranquil Beach!
The ‘Postcards’ version of Christmas in Paris.

Lastly – Hey! Is Sea Air and Sea Breeze the same or is the No. 1 scent really No. 1a and 1b?

Happy hunting everyone!

-Kari Ann



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