Peaches & Cream: Yankee Candle

peaches-and-cream.jpgPeaches & Cream is one of Yankee Candle’s new spring/summer 2018 scents. This scent actually arrived at my local Kohl’s before it was for sale on the Yankee Candle website. I really wanted to like this scent….but it falls in line with the plethora of peach scents that just seem too artificial to me.

The Scent: The peach note is nice, but reminds me of the typical ‘artificial’ peach wax scent and was quite similar to Yankee Candle’s Juicy Peach. It has that slightly waxy note to it, but to be fair, does still have a decent fruity-peach scent. The cream note is subtle and I wish it were stronger. It adds a creaminess to the peach that is needed to make it special. Overall, this scent was perfectly pleasant, but it just didn’t blow me away. B

The Throw: The throw was perfectly fine- I’d say it was a medium. It could stand to be maybe a notch stronger, but it did fill my living room with the scent of peaches for multiple hours without fading. No real complaints from my tart – but I will note that some people have been complaining that the jars have a very light throw. B

Overall Peaches & Cream was perfectly acceptable but nothing special. I have yet to find a peach scent I like and the cream note needed a stronger presence. I’d suggest you take a sniff and see what you think!

-Kari Ann



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