Wallflower: Spiced Graham Cracker

spiced graham crackerThe Wallflower for my cat’s litter box area this month is Spiced Graham Cracker. This is the definition of a warm, autumn based scent!

The Scent: You get the warmth of spice mixed with a sweet graham cracker. You can smell the cinnamon and other fall spices blended nicely with a warm, subtle baked scent. It’s a spin on a cinnamon sugar scent. B+

The (Bulb) Throw: This was a unique throw. It’s not wicked strong, but it is a room spreader. Let me explain. The throw is a light-medium that your nose will get used to after being in the room for a few minutes. However, I can smell this scent throughout  my house. I could smell it in my bedroom – which is a few rooms removed from the plug-in spot. So this is an ambiance scent that fills your home subtly. I like it! B

Overall, Spiced Graham Cracker is a unique scent. It just reminds me of a chilly fall day when you decide to bake snicker-doodle cookies. I like it… but I don’t love it.

-Kari Ann


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