Happy Spring: Yankee Candle

happy-birthday.jpgHappy Spring from Yankee Candle is one of those spring scents that came out a few years ago I never got around to trying. Floral scents are typically not my jam, so sometimes I pass on trying out the spring-floral blends. But I’ve been starting to ‘tolerate’ floral scents a bit more lately and thought I’d give it a try.

The Scent: A soft floral. This one smelled like a spring garden of tulips and daffodils after a warm shower. The floral was definitely dominated by tulips and there was a hint of that ozone/musk scent you get after a quick spring shower. As far as floral scents go, I thought this one was pretty decent.  B+

The Throw: The throw on my tart was decent – I’d say in between a medium and a light-medium. It filled up my living room for many hours with the floral notes and was constantly detectable. B+

Overall, Happy Spring was a perfectly tolerable floral scent – which to me means pretty decent. I also love the color!

-Kari Ann


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