Wallflower: Coconut Snowflake

coconut snowflakeMy bedroom was starting to get that stale, closet smell, so it was time once again for a Wallflower. I did the ‘random selection’ approach for this month and got Coconut Snowflake. It’s been almost a week, and I am loving it!

The Scent: A minty-coconut! The cool peppermint is the dominant note, but is balanced by a sweetened coconut. Fans of Yankee Candle’s North Pole might enjoy this mix – instead of a vanilla, the coconut adds that subtle, creamy sweetness to the chilly mint. I love it! A

The (bulb) Throw: The throw on this Wallflower has been wonderful! It’s a medium-strong that completely fills up my bedroom and nearby hallway. It’s ever present and smellable, but not too over-bearing or over-whelming. It’s nearly perfection! A

Overall, I am really enjoying Coconut Snowflake from Bath & Body Work’s Wallflower line! It may be a winter/holiday scent, but I’d enjoy this one all year around!

-Kari Ann


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