Life’s a Breeze: Yankee Candle

life's a breezeLife’s a Breeze is one of Yankee Candle’s new spring 2018 scents. Spoiler: I hated it! Sorry in advance to any of you who liked this scent (or like cologne scents) – I’m about to be cruel!

The Scent: This one smelled like cheap cologne that had been left in a hot car for too long. Yuck! It also got worse as it melted… after about 2 hours, I just could not bear the scent anymore! I did not get any sea air notes, just a heavy cologne with perhaps a hint of an herbal, incense note. F+

The Throw: The throw on the other hand was spectacular. In the two-three hours I had it melting, I’d say it was a strong throw that dominated my entire living room. This is a throw that does not fade away and you are always aware that it is melting. A

Overall, I just despised Life’s a Breeze. (Sorry to any of you who like it!!!). I was hesitant to try this one at first since I usually get headaches with ‘sea air’ scents. But this was not a ocean scent at all to me, rather just a weird cologne. The first few minutes were fine, even enjoyable. But as it melted, that stale cologne note just over-powered everything. Yuck!

-Kari Ann



  1. This is my absolute favorite of all the spring fragrances! I feel like it’s very spa like and a little masculine. The throw is excellent but I only have it in the large two wick tumbler.

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