Salted Caramel Boardwalk: Bath & Body Works

salted caramel boardwalkSalted Caramel Boardwalk is one of my favorite candle scents of all time. Formerly called Summer Boardwalk, this scent by Bath & Body Works is the total package – a great scent with a wonderful throw!

The Scent: A caramel apple. The caramel is sweet, creamy, and warm and freshened by a juicy and sweet red apple. I just love the combination! A

The Throw: This is a throw with a presence. I’d say the throw is a strong – it completely fills my living room and is constantly detectable without being overbearing. You will smell this scent the entire time it is melting. You can even smell it when it’s unlit! A+

Overall, Salted Caramel Boardwalk is an awesome scent that I could burn all year around. I mean caramel apple works as a summer treat and a fall apple treat! I was just at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware for a half marathon – and this scent reminded me of the caramel apples they sell on the boardwalk!

-Kari Ann


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