Wildflower Blooms: Yankee Candle

wildflower bloomsWildflower Blooms is one of Yankee Candle’s new spring 2018 scents. What can I say – it’s a floral scent.

The Scent: Floral. It smells like a field of spring flowers or a floral shop during Mother’s Day. It reminded me of Yankee Candle’s retired Spring Bouquet. It’s a perfectly fine scent, but it is just your standard floral blend. B+

The Throw: The throw was great – I’d say a medium. It filled up my living room for many hours. It is the type of scent that you can almost constantly smell and fills a room, but your nose gets used to it after a while and it’ll fade a bit into the background. But then it gets a revitalized pulse and you’ll be immersed into a spring garden again. Overall, not bad. A-

Wildflower Blooms was a perfectly fine scent. Florals are not typically my jam, but I found myself not minding it. It’s nothing special, but if you are looking for a flower-like scent, this one will fit your needs!

-Kari Ann


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