Color Me Happy: Yankee Candle

color me happyColor Me Happy is one of Yankee Candle’s new 2017 spring scents. I have complicated and mixed feelings about this one.

The Scent: Weird, unique, generic, tropical, fruity, floral, waxy… these are the descriptors that come to mind describing Color Me Happy. This scent is a blend of tropical fruit and floral blooms. When melting, the first scent I smelled was a slightly waxy  peach mango salsa scent. Under that was subtle floral that added a bit more tropical flair. I’d say the peach was the most dominant note and I’d put it in the fruit category over floral. It actually reminded me of the wax section in a Michael’s Craft Store. Overall, it was pleasant, unique, but nothing mind-blowing. B

The Throw: The throw was a bit too weak for my preference. I’d say it was a light-medium. It was the type of scent that faded into the background and was a bit forgettable… but was not entirely scentless. It had a fairly small scent radius and thus didn’t completely fill up my living room. Basically, this scent needed to be at least 2 notches stronger, but was not a complete dud. C-

Overall, Color Me Happy was a bizarre, yet decent, tropical scent. This is one I think everyone has to smell for themselves. To me – it was Mango Peach Salsa with a hint of floral… but it needed to have a stronger throw for sure.

-Kari Ann



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