Kitchen Spice: Yankee Candle

kitchen spiceWow, it’s been a crazy few weeks! In order to feel all warm and cozy, I decided to melt Kitchen Spice from Yankee Candle.

The Scent: Warm, spicy, cozy… this scent reminded me of holiday baking on a chilly fall day. It’s a nice blend of the most ‘typical’ spices with dominant notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, and cardamon. Underneath those warm spices is just a touch of citrus peel to add some sweetness and acidity. Overall, this scent is one that brings a smile to my face. B+

The Throw: The throw was just okay – it could definitely benefit from being a notch or two stronger. I’d say it’s a light-medium that gently filled up my living room, but became forgettable once my nose got used to it. So it’s not a dud – but I want a scent like ‘Kitchen Spice’ to be a total room-filler! C

Overall, Kitchen Spice was a wonderful, cozy, and almost nostalgic scent. It’s a perfect scent for a chilly day, but the throw was just a touch too weak for me to love it.

-Kari Ann



  1. There must be something in the water because it’s been crazypants around here too. I love looking for that scent which provides the mellow coziness needed at times like that. Kitchen Spice is such a classic and I know what you mean about a smile on the face, I use to walk over and sniff it when working at Yankee because it was a moodlifter. I’m not even really into spice scents by themselves, but this one I could do. Too bad on the throw but I love it in the kitchen, think I’ll melt some soon. Hoping your life chills out soon:)

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