Wallflower: Spiced Graham Cracker (again)

spiced graham cracker2When I select my monthly Wallflower, I just reach my hand into my Wallflower bin and pull out whatever I touch first. To my surprise, my cat’s litter box area this month is the scent Spiced Graham Cracker. Didn’t I just use this one? Hm, I must have bought two! Let’s see how round two holds up! My previous review have the scent a B+ and the throw a B.

The Scent: The scent is warm and sweet, like a baked cinnamon graham cracker. When I was younger, I used to try to sneak the ‘cinnamon’ graham crackers into the shopping cart instead of the regular ones. I just love the spicy warmth of the cinnamon and the sweetness of the graham cracker. This scent captures that feeling, however, the sweetness is maybe a touch too much – almost syrupy. I’ll leave this one with the B+

The (bulb) Throw: The throw is just okay. It does gently and consistently fill up my cat’s litter box area with the warm, sweet scent. But the throw is a touch on the lighter side compared to other Wallflowers. But, to be honest, I think a stronger throw would make this scent unbearable. I’ll bump this one to a B-

Overall, Spiced Graham Cracker is an interesting and definitely autumnal scent. It’s not bad, but not outstanding. I probably won’t be trying this one again.

-Kari Ann


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