Rainbow Cookie: Yankee Candle

rainbow cookieRainbow Cookie was the scent I was most excited to try from Yankee Candle’s new spring 2018 collection. Yes, I am one of those people who is loving this rainbow/unicorn trend. I love color! Unfortunately, Rainbow Cookie lacked a throw and was disappointing.

The Scent: The throw was so weak on this one, that I almost can’t describe the scent! It has a slightly fruity, yet buttery, scent… almost like a Danish Butter Cookie mixed with a hint of orange and peach sherbet. It is a unique and pleasant blend of sweet, sugary, buttery, and fruity. It has a good balance of bakery cookie with a fruity filling. B+

The Throw: Unfortunately, the throw was light and faded quickly. I only got a few sniffs in the first ~45 minutes of it melting, then nothing. This one was basically scentless unless you where right over the tart warmer. F+

Overall, I like the idea of Rainbow Cookie, but the poor throw prevented me from actually getting to experience this unique scent. It’s really too bad. I’m hoping I got a dud and may give it a second try.

-Kari Ann



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