Wallflower: Vanilla Spiced Pear

vanilla spiced pearI needed a Wallflower in my bedroom to deter the ‘stale closet’ smell. My random pick was Vanilla Spiced Pear. Just as a note, I always wait at least 1-2 weeks of the Wallflower’s first plug-in before I write my review. This has been a scent that I have hated more and more with time.

The Scent: The first note I smell is a warm brown sugar with a hint of cinnamon. There are subtle notes of pear, with just a touch of a sweet vanilla. It’s not a bad scent, I suppose, it just doesn’t work in a bedroom setting. The warm cinnamon-sugar note is just off-putting to me; maybe it’s just too warm, sweet, and just a touch artificial? The pear note in the first two days was wonderful and acted to balance that sugar note. However, after that two days, the pear scent became almost nonexistent, which just threw that scent balance out of whack. Overall, juts not my type of scent. C+

The (bulb) Throw: The throw is a medium. No complaints, but no overt praise. It fills my bedroom consistently with scent, being ever-present but not overwhelming. B+

Overall, Vanilla Spiced Pear was a weird scent. I guess I could move this Wallflower to another room, but I know I’d still just dislike the scent. I guess I’ll just ride it out for the rest of the month. It’s not that bad, but I’ll definitely avoid this scent in the future!

-Kari Ann


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