Chocolate Layer Cake: Yankee Candle

chocolate layer cakeIs it just me, or do chocolate-based candle scents smell weird? I love chocolate cake… but it always seems as if the candle translation is an artificial mess. Anyways, here is my review of Yankee Candle’s Chocolate Layer Cake.

The Scent: The chocolate is artificial. There is just something I find off-putting and unpleasant. There are a few redeeming qualities – there are moments of warm cocoa and creamy vanilla that add a decadent richness. But there is just something about the chocolate notes I cannot stand. I may be in the minority, but Chocolate Layer Cake is not my idea of a good chocolate scent. C-

The Throw: The throw was perfectly fine – maybe a medium. It filled up my living room with what I’d say is a perfectly satisfactory presence. My only complaint is the length of that decent throw could have lasted longer. B+

Overall, I just cannot get into this chocolate-based scent. It just lacks that authentic gooey, fresh-baked chocolate cake quality. I may be alone in this, since the scent does have good reviews! Oh well.

-Kari Ann



  1. This one is SOOOOOO popular but not with me. I like Whoopie Pie more (thank God i have a jar of that!). When i worked at a YC retail store and CLC was on the shelves it dominated even with the lids on… just too much for me…

    • I really liked Whoopie Pie too – so much better than CLC in my opinion! I just don’t understand the CLC fandom. When I first smelled it, I thought for sure it would be poor seller and disappear… but it’s still here! Oh well!

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