Buttercream: Yankee Candle

buttercreamI always find myself trying the ‘new’ and ‘special edition’ candles scents…which means I often overlook the staple scents at Yankee Candle. These are the scents available all year that are practically synonymous with Yankee Candle. (I always think Macintosh, Clean Cotton, Sag & Citrus). To me, Buttercream is one of those scents. It’s so classic that it’s almost boring. So I have made it a mission to try some of these less exciting scents this year – after all, they are staple scents for a reason!

The Scent: Buttercream is a creamy, buttery, and sweet vanilla scent. It does not have any cake notes, making it smell more like the frosting. While it is a sweet scent, it is not too sweet, making it well balanced. It is a simple scent, which is sort of refreshing. A-

The Throw: I’ll be honest, I was disappointed by the throw. It was a light throw that had a small scent radius and was barely detectable. It was the type of throw you had to think about – “which scent do I have melting again?” It wasn’t scentless, but this one just had no presence. Maybe if I melted it in a smaller room… but even still, if I was more than 6 feet away from my tart warmer, it was so light it was forgettable. D+

Overall, I like the simplicity of Buttercream; I just wish the throw were stronger!

-Kari Ann


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