Mixology: Milk Chocolate

mcI decided to give Mixology another whirl, so I mixed Buttercream with Chocolate Layer Cake to create a mix I’ve decided to call Milk Chocolate.

The Scent: The Chocolate Layer Cake scent was the most dominant, but was mellowed and smoothed by the Buttercream. The Buttercream notes were not really detectable, but somehow made the Chocolate Layer Cake scent more bearable to me. So overall, it was okay – nothing amazing, nothing terrible.  C-

The Throw: The throw was just okay. It’d say a light-medium that was detectable, but your nose got used to it pretty quick. Again, nothing amazing. C-

Overall, my mixology of Milk Chocolate was just okay. I’d definitely pass on making this combo again. It was just kind of bland and really not much different from Chocolate Layer Cake due to the Buttercream’s light throw.

-Kari Ann


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