Pumpkin Pie: Yankee Candle

pumpkin pieFun fact about me – I don’t really like summer. I’m not much of a beach person, and the heat and humidity gets in the way of my running schedule. Anyways, I’ve begun counting down the days until the fall decorations and pumpkin spice lattes start to make their appearance. To help – I decided to burn a small tumbler of Pumpkin Pie from Yankee Candle.

The  Scent: Pumpkin Pie smells like its namesake. It has a spicy cinnamon and nutmeg scent balanced by sweet pureed pumpkin and just the tiniest hint of a buttery crust. The pumpkin and spice are the most dominant notes, but there is a presence of a bakery note making this more of a pie scent that just a pumpkin spice scent. Anyways, I love this classic and it reminds me of Thanksgiving! A-

The Throw: The throw is great on this tiny jar. After about 15 minutes, the throw (and wax pool) is strong enough to fill up my living room with what I’d classify as a medium, to sometimes light-medium. No complaints other than it could perhaps be one notch stronger (because I love this scent so much). B

Overall, I love Pumpkin Pie. You can grab a few of the lingering candle products on sale right now at the on-going Semi-Annual Sale. I hope to see this one resurrected again in the fall, but just in case, I’ll probably grab a few tarts!

-Kari Ann


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