Cafe al Fresco: Yankee Candle

cafe al frescoCafe al Fresco was one of Yankee Candle’s 2017 new spring scents… and I just loved it! I love coffee and coffee houses…. in fact, my ideal day is sipping a latte while strolling through a nature reserve. Sometime last year, I switched my home brew to half calf, and my latte limit is set at no more than 1 per week. So, Cafe al Fresco has been giving me that much needed coffee house experience, with the cost of the latte or extra caffeine boast!

The Scent: Caramelized, roasted coffee beans, and just a dash of warmed milk. This scent has all the workings of a gourmet coffee shop. The coffee beans were dominant to me, but that caramelized note was a close second. The cream note is subtle, but rounds out Cafe al Fresco to make it one of my happy scents. A

The Throw: The throw was not bad, but I wish it were stronger. I’d say it was a medium… but just a hair away from me calling it light-medium. It did fill up my living room with somewhat gentle scent that was detectable the entire time it was melting. So the throw was nice, but I really wanted it to be a notch higher. B-

Overall, I really enjoyed Cafe al Fresco. The throw is a bit on the gentler side, but was still strong enough that I’d seek this scent out again!

-Kari Ann


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