Mixology: Cafe Latte

mix6I tried a new mixology that attempted to enhance the milkiness of Cafe al Fresco with Buttercream.

The Scent: Unfortunately, the Buttercream was too light to be detected, so it only acted to dilute the scent of the Cafe al Fresco. So… yeah, the Cafe al Fresco was pleasant (check out my review if you want the details), but the Buttercream added nothing. C-

The Throw: That dilution effect from the Buttercream made the throw go down a notch from what I gave Cafe al Fresco. It was a pretty light and mostly forgettable scent with momentary pulses of that caramelized coffee scent. It was nothing special, if not disappointing. C-

Overall, this blend did not work since it was too one-sided. The Buttercream only hindered the coffee notes and added nothing at all. I was disappointed to say the least!

-Kari Ann


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