Limoncello: Bath & Body Works

limencelloOkay, it’s no secret that lemon candles scents are my absolute favorite. Whether sweet, tart, or just refreshing, I’ve always found lemon to be the perfect ‘all season, all moods’ candle scent. Up this month, I’ve been enjoying a tumbler of Limoncello from Bath & Body Works. I got this candle as a Christmas gift from my mom – which is why the design is “Merry & Bright.”

The Scent: Sweet and sugary lemon. This is a candy-like lemon scent that reminds me of lemon hard candies. It also reminds me of sweetened lemonade and hot summer days. I’m really enjoying this one – but if you perfect tart lemon scents, just be warned this is a sugar rush. A

The Throw: I love the throw on this tumbler. I’ll place it at a medium to medium-strong. Within minutes of it being lit, my entire living room starts to get filled with the lemon scent. It is an ever-present, unforgettable throw, yet never is over-whelming or head-ache inducing. A

Overall, Limoncello is one of the best candle throws and scents I’ve burned in a while! I’m really enjoying this one!

-Kari Ann


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