Part 1: Yankee Candle Early Fall 2018 Preview

I received the ‘early fall 2018’ Yankee Candle guide in the mail the other day – so I decided to share my thoughts about the new fall scents. Note – I haven’t smelled these in the stores yet, so my impression is solely from the ‘rub & smell’ and description!

I am sadly not a fan upon first impression of Harvest Walk. It smelled too ‘warm’ with way too much eucalyptus and sandalwood, and not enough ‘harvest.’ I do like the square shaped candle design!
Pear & Tea Leaf
I really liked Pear & Tea Leaf. It smells sort of like a chai latte with pear puree mixed in. It’s a weirdly pleasant mash-up!
Evening Star is way too powdery and floral for me. Not my type of scent!
Sugared Cinnamon Apple is a new fall 2018 scent…and I love it! The cinnamon is strong and spicy, with a fresh red apple, and a dash of sweetened vanilla. I will definitely look forward to trying this one!
Boy do I like the art on Enchanted Moon, another new fall 2018 scent. Unfortunately, this is another floral scent. Less powdery, but way more floral notes. Not for me!

So far, only Sugared Cinnamon Apple is catching my eye. What’s with all the floral scents! Fall is supposed to be leaves, apple, pumpkins………Stayed tuned for Part 2!

-Kari Ann


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