Part 2: Yankee Candle Early Fall 2018 Preview

Here is the second half of the Early Fall 2018 Yankee Candle preview that I got in my mailbox! Sorry for the poor picture quality 😦

Autumn Pearl was a scent I surprisingly loved! It smells like vanilla sugar coated flower petals. It is sweet, with just the right amount of floral.
I think I love Sun-kissed Thistle. It’s a pine needle-citrus-apple hybrid that merges fall with early winter.
I do not like Tranquil Mist. It is a musk-based scent with underlying notes of cotton. If you like the scent Clean Cotton, and don’t mind a heavy dose of white musk, this may be a scent to check out!
Finally – a pumpkin scent! Luscious Pumpkin Trifle is a vanilla cake scent with notes of spiced pumpkin frosting. The pumpkin is almost a secondary note and a ‘spice’ to the vanilla. I love it!
Okay, I am perhaps most excited to try Poached Pear Flambe. This is a juicy pear scent with notes of tipsy caramel.
Treasures have a new look! I’m excited for Blueberry Scone!
I am sooo happy that Be Thankful is back this year as a Treasure! It was sold out last year before I could buy one! This used to be my Thanksgiving candle scent tradition!

Okay, so there are a few scents I’m excited to try! Now if I could just fine the time to get to relax and enjoy a candle!

Have any of you tried the new scents – if so what’s your favorite? If not, which are you most excited to try?

-Kari Ann


One comment

  1. Hi, fun preview:)
    I got a chance to sniff the newness last week when I popped in for the plug-in sale (so annoyed they went up to 7.50, so couldn’t pass up the 60% off) after avoiding the store the entire time during SAS.
    Quick thoughts: my store was out of Autumn Pearl in Melt cups and tarts, so I didn’t get to try it. I was surprisingly disappointed in Sun-kissed Thistle even though I love the idea of it, will have to melt one to be sure. Tranquil Mist was a snooze. Now, these I really liked-Poached Pear Flambe, ooh a caramelized fiery pear, I grabbed a tart and will melt it soon. Enchanted Woods didn’t seem overly floral to me-I adored the teakwood note in it, kind of exotic, lastly, there was a sale for a $10 Spiced Berry Sangria large jar, so I picked that up too and love it!
    I sniffed a few of the square jars, they are definitely marketed as up-scale perfumey types, none were memorable, I was looking forward to Velvet Woods, but didn’t detect much, don’t think I tried them all though. Hope you can snag Be Thankful this time, I was happy to see it last year and got one that should last awhile.

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