Candle Tips

Here we compile links to our posts that give our self-found tips and tricks!

Tunneling: when your candle creates a downward tunnel, leaving unmelted wax on the sides. Learn a few other tips to stop tunneling here and here.

Candle Burn Time Costs: Small, medium, or large. Let’s break down the cost!

Tumbler vs Jar: the ultimate showdown!

Tarts vs Votives: Kari’s take!

Removing tarts: can be easy with a few ice cubes!

Clean a votive holder: all you need is your freezer!

Using votive candles as tarts…a little patience and a steady hand!

What to do with the rest of a candle. For safety, jar candles stop burning about 0.5-1 inch from the bottom. This is a tip I’ve done to savor that remaining wax.