Kari’s Grading

2016-08-05 20.20.58I was that kid who loved school. So I adopted an A through F grading system! I grade the scent and throw.

Scent: My personal opinion for how good the candle smells. We all enjoy different scents, so I encourage everyone to sniff candles themselves. In general, I love fruit-based scents and hate floral scents!

Throw: How “smellable” is the candle when it’s lit. Throws can be scentless, light, medium, strong, or over-bearing.

A: amazing, incredible, an instant favorite!

B: very good, but not to the same degree as the A’s.

C: average; I could take it or leave it. Not bad, but nothing exciting.

D: dislike this one a lot; this is a scent/throw I would never buy again.

F: a horrible scent/throw giving a “what were they thinking moment”